Will's Profile


1. Player description - ie. right hand bat, right arm off spin bowler 
Right hand bat, right hand bowler, wicket keeper
2. Highest score/best bowling
113, 5/25
3. Favourite cricketing experience
Scoring 102n.o off 25 overs in a batting drag race against Bourke
4. Favourite team mate 
Josh Hargreaves
5. Childhood hero
Adam gilchrist
6. Earliest cricketing memory 
Having to wear the club box in under 14's because my parents gave me a cardboard box from the supermarket. Slight miscommunication. I now call it a groin protecter.  
7. Pre game ritual 
Baked beans on toast  
8. Special skill - ie. being able to touch the floor without bending over
Leg side stumpings
9. Favourite meal 
Lamb souvlaki
10. Favourite holiday spot 
11. Favourite footy team/player 
Freo/ Hayden Ballantine
12. Favourite pump up tune 
Africa/ Toto
13. Favourite ground 
SFX track
14. Favourite quote 
'I didn't hear the edge'
15. In 5 years time I will be . . . . . . 
16. Groin stretch 
Work in progress