Trav Profile


1. Player description - ie. right hand bat, right arm off spin bowler 
 Right handed batsman, right arm slow leggys
2. Highest score/best bowling
12, 3-20 (Bowling mediums)

3. Favourite cricketing experience
Headbutting cans at the bar!

4. Favourite team mate 

5. Childhood hero
The Count (From Sesame Street) 

6. Earliest cricketing memory 
I dont know - Can I make something up?  

7. Pre game ritual 
3 Jacks and 4 Ciggies 

8. Special skill - ie. being able to touch the floor without bending over
Headbutting cans 

9. Favourite meal 
Anything Gaz cooks! 

10. Favourite holiday spot 
Club Med HM Dhurringile

11. Favourite footy team/player 
Brisbane/Johnno Brown 

12. Favourite pump up tune 

13. Favourite ground 
Dhurringile (Least I made runs there)

14. Favourite quote 
Know what I baked bean? .... Know what I am spaghettin at? (Know what I mean and Know what I am gettin at)

15. In 5 years time I will be . . . . . . 
At Barwon

16. Groin stretch 
Only late at night!