Chris Shep Profile


1. Player description - ie. right hand bat, right arm off spin bowler 
Left Hand Bat/Right Arm Express Medium Slow 

2. Highest score/best bowling

154 N.O. / 5/3 (Under 12s)

3. Favourite cricketing experience
Winning Semi Final vs Lang Lang 2010/2011 Season

4. Favourite team mate
Adam Dale. Played with him in a social game, no current team mates come close

5. Childhood hero
Craig Mcdermott - Thought I used to bowl like him

6. Earliest cricketing memory
My first game ever. I mankaded a kid. The umpire was the kids parent. He yelled at me and gave the kid not out.

7. Pre game ritual

8. Special skill - ie. being able to touch the floor without bending over
Dropping easy catches

9. Favourite meal
Humble Pie

10. Favourite holiday spot

Lagos, Portugal

11. Favourite footy team/player 
The Doggies and Danny (nostrils) Delre 

12. Favourite pump up tune 
Beethovens 9th Symphony

13. Favourite ground 

14. Favourite quote
"Don't write cheques your body can't cash! "

15. In 5 years time I will be . . . . . .
Older and fatter

16. Groin stretch
My favourite stretch!