Dom Profile


Dominic Ciconte

1. Player description - ie. right hand bat, right arm off spin bowler 
Right hand bat, right hand medium bowler 

2. Highest score/best bowling

64, 5/36

3. Favourite cricketing experience
Watching Paul 'the lip' Bourke drop two absolute sitters in the space of 20 minutes at mid on last season... and not know where to look for the next two hours!

4. Favourite team mate
Gary Lock - only bloke who catches my edges in slip.

5. Childhood hero
Brian Lara - the best you'll ever see hold a bat

6. Earliest cricketing memory
Refusing to go out when playing with my brother in the back yard .

7. Pre game ritual
Get lost driving to the ground, ring an angry Ross Baker for directions

8. Special skill - ie. being able to touch the floor without bending over
World class skills in the following: Table Tennis, Monopoly, Uno, seeing off umpires, being rejected by beautiful women.

9. Favourite meal
Traditional bowl of spaghetti from mum

10. Favourite holiday spot


11. Favourite footy team/player 
Collingwood/ Tim Broomhead

12. Favourite pump up tune 
Step, Vampire Weekend

13. Favourite ground 
Apart from our own home ground, Emerald ... MCG is also nice

14. Favourite quote
"I felt good out there before Iwent out" - Paul Bourke

15. In 5 years time I will be . . . . . .
Working on my 'old man moustache', yelling at kids who step on my front lawn

16. Groin stretch