Locky Profile

Gary Lock


1. Player description - ie. right hand bat, right arm off spin bowler 
Right hand bat, right hand off spin bowler, Slips fielder. 

2. Highest score/best bowling
114 and 4/35ish

3. Favourite cricketing experience
With SFX was beating Cranny Meadows outright! 

4. Favourite team mate
Ross Baker (Only coz we never knew what we were going to get with Roscoe!)

5. Childhood hero
Peter Daicos

6. Earliest cricketing memory
Making first 50 at 12 years old.

7. Pre game ritual
Taping up my knees 

8. Special skill - ie. being able to touch the floor without bending over
Falling into positions of responisbility without trying

9. Favourite meal
Anything Lobster

10. Favourite holiday spot

Port Albert (We have a caravan there) 

11. Favourite footy team/player 
Anyone but Travis Cloke/The mighty Pies! 

12. Favourite pump up tune
Bat out of Hell

13. Favourite ground 
I Think Catani (Only coz of arvo tea, and no offense mumzie!) assuming our ground is not an option

14. Favourite quote
Just Saying!

15. In 5 years time I will be . . . . . .
Still annoying anyone I can about cricket!

16. Groin stretch